About Troop 25

Our Goals

As a troop, we strive to embed your children with skills, knowledge, memories, and Jewish values that will last a lifetime. Children who join our troop leave with knowledge they could not get from any other program.


We commit ourselves to create responsible young Jewish adults who display scout spirit wherever they go. Children in our troop develop traits of leadership, responsibility, trustworthiness, critical thinking, and teamwork. These are skills the BSA has been instilling into teenagers for more than a century.

Leadership Roles

BSA has an assortment of leadership positions to be filled. A scout who fills these positions gains valuable experience from the role he fills. Scouts can fill leadership positions such as:

SPL-Leads the Troop

ASPL-Leads scouts in appointed positions

PL-Leads his patrol

A scout can also fill appointed positions that give them specific experience for instance:

Scribe, Outdoor Ethics Guide, Quarter Master, Chaplain's Aid, Troop Guide, Webmaster, and more.

These roles give scouts valuable experience in subjects that will help them throughout life.

Our Patrols and the Patrol Method

Our troop consists of two patrols, the Kosher Comrades and the Copyright Cowboys. Both patrols have unique skills and advantages that make them a patrol. Each patrol is formed by scouts who, they themselves, have special skills unique to them. Scouts gain experience from each other and create memories.

The patrol method is a set of BSA guidelines that determine how patrols should be run. Patrols learn, plan, cook, eat and, sleep together. Scouts in a patrol form unbreakable bonds throughout their time together.

Hear from a Scout!

I love the troop because everyone is everyone's friend. We learn skills unique to scouting and have fun while doing it! The best part is that we constantly go on outings. 

Advancing to Eagle Scout is one of the most important things a teenage scout can do. While it may be a hard thing to achieve, Troop 25 makes it not only possible, but fun!

-Andy, Patrol Leader

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